Distributed to all teachers participating in ongoing

COURAGE TO CARE program in New South Wales

and Victoria, Australia.

Screening at Conference on Ethics in Mental Health, Nov 28-30, Peterborough, Ontario Canada. www.jemh.ca

Reprise screenings at Jewish Film Festival, Sydney and Melbourne, November 2011

Screened at Human Rights and Genocide Summit, Washington DC, 2011

USA DVD Release on amazon.com 

5 Star review in amazon.com

RETURNING TO THE SCENE- A PERSONAL EXPLORATION OF GUILT, RESPONSIBILITY AND APARTHEID  “…this film is both lively and thoughtful – weighing in on universally important issues in an accessible and relatable way.”

Reviewed in DVD AUTHORITY, August 2011     “…..I’ve seen a number of documentaries that dealt with racism or apartheid in specific, but none have offered this kind of unique approach. After all, Wrong Side of the Bus doesn’t just tell us how apartheid impacted people, we see it ourselves, from people on both sides of the issue. The journey to find forgiveness is also a frequent theme in documentaries, but rarely with this kind of weight involved…. “

Screening with discussion at the  I WILL TELL  International Film Festival, Euston, London (30 Aug – 9 Sept 2011)  

Invited to the 4th Annual Africa World Documentary Film Festival,

Missouri History Museum, St Louis, May 12-15 2011.

Screens at Austin Jewish Film Festival April 9-16, 2011

March 2011 Article and Study Guide in AGORA, pp 54-62, publication of the HISTORY TEACHERS ASSOCIATION OF VICTORIA

Seattle Jewish Film Festival, March 12-20, 2011

Awarded BEST AFRICAN DOCUMENTARY International Film Festival South Africa, November 2010.

Also at the San Diego Jewish Film Festival,  Feb 10 -20, 2011

Screens at the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival, February 8-27, 2011