Study Guide

WRONG SIDE OF THE BUS explores the effects of racism through an unusual perspective, that of  the bystander.

The FREE DOWNLOADABLE STUDY GUIDE is available here and from Ronin Films website.

The film and Study Guide invite audiences to consider:

  • How do ‘normal’ people come to dehumanize ‘others’?
  • How do ‘good’ people support systems they disagree with?
  • Can a person who abhors racism also be racist in behaviour?
  • What’s the price of taking action – and of not taking action?
  • What can one person do against an entrenched system?
  • Why does one person risk his life to oppose a system and another not?
  • What’s the role of forgiveness in facing the past?
  • How would I have acted under Apartheid?
  • How do I act now within my own community?
  • Will I act differently in the future?

The 45 minutes of DVD EXTRAS contain extended interviews and additional parts of scenes from the film.